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The Journal of Dairy and Biosciences (JDBS) is a quarterly journal dedicated to the scientific advancement and dissemination of knowledge in Dairy, Food, and Bioscience over the last four decades. JDBS is a peer- reviewed journal that publishes original research notes, short communication or review articles swiftly and critically evaluates the recent advances in dairy and bioscience research.


The Journal of Dairy and Biosciences (JDBS) covers various aspects of dairy production, health, management, processing, and extension studies. The sub-themes under these areas such as animal genetics and breeding, reproduction, physiology, animal nutrition, animal biochemistry, dairy chemistry, dairy and food engineering, dairy economics, extension, etc. are also welcome for publication in the journal. The journal also appreciates the work done in cross-disciplinary research covering the entire dairy production and processing aspects. The research work in the food processing aspects is also included in the journal scope as the food and dairy processing industry are closely intermingled with each other. The holistic approach towards the improvement of animal husbandry including both dairy and non-dairy fields is accepted for publication in the journal.

Topics covered

The following topics focused on dairy animals and dairy processing is invited:

  1. Genetic improvement of dairy animals
  2. Nutrition and feeding management of dairy animals
  3. Shelter management and welfare of dairy animals
  4. Metabolism, growth, and lactation physiology
  5. Health management including microbial and parasitic diseases/infections
  6. Milk processing and milk products (Heat coagulated, acid coagulated, fermented, etc.)
  7. Fortification of milk and milk products
  8. Heat exchangers, homogenizers, energy conservation of dairy plants
  9. Design and development of semi and fully automated dairy equipment
  10. Microbial and chemical quality
  11. Starter cultures, probiotics, and enzyme activity in milk and milk products.
  12. Nanofluids and particles to enhance the efficiency of dairy processing
  13. Molecular aspects of dairy animals, milk, and milk products
  14. Regulatory issues
  15. Packaging materials and shelf life enhancement of milk and milk products
  16. The socio-economical and entrepreneurial potential of dairy farmers
  17. Dairy trade, marketing, and financial management
  18. Dairy animal welfare and ethics
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Acceptance rate: 4%
Submission to final decision: 45 days
Acceptance to publication: 20 days
CiteScore: 1.6
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